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Dia de Andalucia

This day brings a number of low key events that could easily go unnoticed by visitors to Nerja but are an important occasion in any town in Andalusia. Schools are closed and you'll commonly see the green and white flag of Andalusia all over Nerja. There are formal events celebrated in la Barriada de las Protegidas in the old town alongside the bust of Blas Infante, a man seen as the father of Andalusian nationalism. The program of events begin with music from the Municipal band which leads on to local school children reading poems related the region and sections of the Statute of Autonomy of Andalusia. Following this local choirs perform and there is a ceremony to raise the Andalucian flag. These events are attended by local officials including councillors, the Mayor and representatives of local associations. This marks the end of the official business of the day and leads on to the less formal and more fun Dia del Pedal.

Dia del Pedal

Dia del Pedal is a non competitive sporting event that has been held each year in the town for some twenty five years which sees locals and visitors cycling around the town according to an official route. Starting from humble beginnings Dia del Pedal increases in popularity year on year with thousands of cyclists swarming to Nerja for a good natured few hours of exercise. If you're visiting Nerja at the time you'll see participants of all ages and on all manner of bikes and scooters rolling around the town starting from Plaza de EspaƱa just in front of the museum. The route starts and finishes here and you'll find a stage erected with music and official organisers. The event isn't entirely just for fun though with prizes being given out to riders such as oldest cyclist and most original bike as well as a raffle for a number of bikes for all people officially registered in the event. Dia del Pedal is very well supported by businesses in the town with participation from the Hotel Balcon de Europa and the Nerja Caves foundation as well as support from the local police and regional press.

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