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Things to do

As a small town it’s inevitable that there is a limit to what Nerja can offer but within the local area there’s plenty of things that can keep you occupied. If you feel like taking a break from the beach or if you’ve been caught on one of the few rainy days here why not take a look through our list of things to do and maybe you’ll find something to keep you busy for the day.

Street Markets


Nerja has two street markets each week which sell all manner of things. If you think you’d like to take a look you can find out about locations and times of these and other local markets here.

Hiking & Walking

Balcon de Europa

Nerja is no just a seaside resort, it also has wonderful protected countryside for visitors to enjoy. If you’d like to do a bit of hiking in the area, why not try one of our documented walks.

Caves & Museum visit

Caves visit

Nobody should leave Nerja without visiting the famous caves and the museum that compliments them.

Water Sports

If you grow tired of the beach and fancy a change of pace why not do some activity whilst topping up your tan with one of the water sports on offer in the town.


Despite Nerja being located on the less commercialized end of the coast golf lovers are still catered for with a couple of golf courses a short distance away.

Adventure Activities

If you’re interested in exploring a little more, getting some adrenaline flowing through your veins or just looking for a change of pace why not try one of the more adventurous activities on offer in the area.

Málaga Daytrip


With Málaga so close to Nerja every visitor should take at least a day to explore the cities old town and visit some of its attractions. Check our recommendations here.

Water Parks / Aqua Parks

If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids entertained during summer one of the local water parks is a great idea.

Carriage & Train tours

Balcon de Europa

If you’d like to take a ride around Nerja in a vehicle other than a car or bus take a look here for information on options that are a little more fun.