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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Axarquia gets yellow weather warning - 2nd Mar 2018

The Spanish meteorological service (AEMET) put the whole of the Axarquia region on yellow alert yesterday due to the heavy rain expected today and over the weekend. The rains will hit the region as part of storm Emma which is expected to bring downpours of up to 30 litres per square meter and gusts of wind of up to 90km/h. In Nerja the effects are expected to be milder with maximum wind speeds of a little over 40km/h however the storm is expected to bring up to 3m waves to the municipality's coastline.

Rio Chillar water works near completion - 27th Feb 2018

Gregorio Campos, president of the association of coastal municipalities of the Axarquia, has confirmed that work to connect the Rio Chillar to the water distribution system is nearing an end. The works began in August of last year with a budget of approximately €530,000 and will connect two water wells fed by the Chillar providing an estimated 2.5 cubic hectometres a year to existing water supplies. The principle objective of the project is to make use of all available water supplies in the region and free up resources for other municipalities that rely solely on the Viñuela reservoir which last summer reached low levels not seen since 2009.

Warmer wather brings caterpillar processions - 23rd Feb 2018

With temperatures beginning to rise following the winter months residents and visitors need to be aware of the coming caterpillar season with long processions of the insects increasingly likely in the coming weeks. Their white, silky nests can be easily spotted in pine trees in the nearby natural parks but also in more urban areas where there is greater risk to people. The caterpillars (Thaumetopoea Pityocampa) can effect the health of people and animals due to the fine hairs that cover their body which can cause allergic reactions and in extreme cases anaphylactic shock and respiratory problems.

Reef viability study gets go ahead - 22nd Feb 2018

This week the town council gave the green light to a three month long viability study into the possibility of creating a number of artificial reefs in the municipality's waters. The reefs, which have been a long running idea, will finally be looked into seriously taking into account the environmental impact, necessary preliminary works, applicable regulations and legalities. The principle area of interest is in the coastal natural park of the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo on the eastern edge of Nerja where it's hoped that the reefs will help support biodiversity and attract greater numbers of scuba diving enthusiasts to the area.

Weekend of success for Nerja's athletics teams - 20th Feb 2018

Young athletes from Nerja's athletics team were in action over the weekend in a variety of athletics events held all over Spain. At an indoor meet in Antequera on Saturday Nerja's under 16s and under 14s took multiple podium spots in the team events with both male and female teams putting in great performances in a variety events. In Valencia Gonzalo García of Nerja took the bronze medal in the 3000m with four other team members making the top 10 and in Antequera on Sunday the under 20s managed a total of 22 medals, 10 golds, 5 silvers and 7 bronzes.

Water treatment plant work restarts - 15th Feb 2018

Work is expected to restart on Nerja's long delayed water treatment plant next week according to reports from Spain's central government. The ministry for the environment is expected to receive financial assurances from the construction consortium allowing work on various collection points around the town to restart on Monday. The reports suggest that the installation should be up and running by the summer of next year.

New exhibition in Sala Mercado - 12th Feb 2018

The Sala Mercado will open its doors for its latest exhibition on Wednesday with a collection of photographs and poems on display. The collection which is entitled "Como Dos Gotas de Poesia" brings together images of architecture and the natural world accompanied by poetry from a long list of nationally recognised authors. You can visit the exhibition from 11am until 1:30pm and from 5:30pm until 7:30pm every day.

Remembrance march reaches Nerja - 7th Feb 2018

A march in memory of the victims of the Malaga-Almeria road massacre will reach Nerja tomorrow at approximately 3pm when the mayoress and local officials will hold a reception in Plaza Ermita. This is the second time that such an event has been held with the march on this occasion being made up of 11 stages covering a 250km total distance from Malaga to Almeria. The participants will rest in the municipality before setting off again on Saturday at 8am.

Municipal clean up continues in Maro - 5th Feb 2018

José María Rivas, Nerja's councillor for infrastructure, today announced that the municipal clean up of public spaces had now moved on to Maro, targetting the areas around the N340. The program, which will be carried out over the next four months, is a project jointly funded by the local council, Junta de Andalucia and state employment service and provides work to unemployed agricultural workers. The councillor was also eager to point out the green credentials of the program highlighting that no harmful herbicides were being used.

New fire station opens next week - 1st Feb 2018

After almost two years of delays Nerja's new fire station is on the verge of opening with the inauguration planned for the 7th of February. The news came from Francisco Delgado Bonilla, president of the provincial firefighters consortium that all paperwork was now in order and that the new installation could finally enter into service providing a more permanent home than the existing one on the Burriana roundabout.

"Amarte" exhibition opens this week - 29th Jan 2018

The municipal exhibition hall will open with its latest exhibition on Thursday at 8pm with a collection of paintings by Brendon Taylor and Maribel Martín entitled "Amarte". The collection primarily focuses on portraits in a figurative style however visitors will also notice the occasional abstract composition in an exhibition that displays the creators clear love of what they do. The two artists who work from their studio in Frigiliana will be showcasing the collection until the 17th of February from 11am until 2pm and from 5pm until 9pm each day.

Cultural centre showcases an evening of Tango - 26th Jan 2018

This Saturday the Nejra cultural centre will once again offer an evening of Tango with "A Night in Buenos Aires" starting at 9pm. The show, which has already toured Europe quite extensively, is brought to Nerja by the National Argentinian Music and Dance Company under the direction of Walter Óscar Tejeda Carranza. It features dramatic Argentinian Tango with live stringed accompaniment.

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