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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Town hall announces new equipment for police - 3rd Oct 2017

The local police announced today that it has applied to the regional authorities for new equipment totalling €470,000. The application, which was made in conjunction with the local council, hopes to expand upon the equipment the police currently have available in order to speed up everyday tasks, improving efficiency and freeing up valuable resources for use elsewhere. The proposal includes new CCTV surveillance cameras, PDAs to speed up on the spot fines, an improved communications system and new laser equipment to catch speeding motorists.

Nerja fined by regional authority - 29th Sep 2017

The Junta de Andalucia has announced that it has begun the paperwork to impose penalties on ten municipalities in the province with Nerja being one of those effected. The authority has started the proceedings against councils that are causing unacceptable pollution to coastal waters by failing to meet minimum standards of sewage treatment. Nerja continues to be the only municipality on the coast which pumps sewage untreated into the sea due to the administrative and financial problems which have paralysed the construction of the areas water treatment facility which began in 2014.

Museum visitors numbers hit record highs - 28th Sep 2017

Nerja's natural history museum in Plaza de España set a new all time record for visitor numbers this summer with 26,918 individuals walking through the doors. The period from June 15th to September 15th saw a 19.09% increase on the same period last year with August showing a particularly strong increase. The improving visitor numbers are part of a longer trend which started in 2015 with a number of new initiatives. Since then numbers have increased to over four times what they were in 2014 with improved levels of visitor satisfaction also being reported.

New exhibition in Calle Cristo hall - 26th Sep 2017

Nerja's latest art exhibition will open tomorrow with Paco Hernández presenting his exhibition entitled Serpentina. The artist explained that his collection "fundamentally pursues beauty" focusing on what he described as "timeless elements" from nature such as plants, clouds and human beings with a Hellenic basis. The exhibition, which will be open until the 14th October in the Calle Cristo municipal hall, can be visited from 11:00 until 13:30 and from 18:00 until 21:30.

Hikers rescued by Protección Civil - 22nd Sep 2017

A pair of Swedish walkers had to be rescued earlier this week when they encountered difficulties whilst hiking along the rio Chillar. At 16:50 yesterday afternoon the local police requested that members of the Protección Civil assist in a search and rescue operation for the pair who were eventually found at around 18:15 in an difficult to access area to the west of the river. Neither of the individuals required medical attention and were returned to the centre of the town in the early evening.

Malaga university installs new equipment in Nerja caves - 21st Sep 2017

The Nerja Caves Foundations long running collaboration with the university of Malaga has lead to the installation of new scientific equipment in recent weeks further reinforcing the sites position as an underground laboratory. A new spectroscopy laser will help research teams understand the processes which cause methane gas to escape from the earth, a study of real importance given the gases links to the greenhouse effect which also promises to provide the foundation with more information on how it can preserve and manage the caves. The installation called upon the local caving club for assistance who helped to place air sampling tubes in harder to reach areas for the study which is expected to last at least a year.

Full house for indoor football - 18th Sep 2017

Last week some 400 spectators turned up to watch two indoor football games which took place in the Sierra Almijara hall behind Nerja's athletics stadium. Two teams from the Nerja indoor football sports club were in action with the youth team playing against Malaga and later the seniors against U.D. Coineña. The atmosphere was fantastic with so many spectators turning the event into a passionate evening of sport. Unfortunately it was not the night for the local teams with both losing, the seniors being decisively beaten but five goals to one and the juniors losing by a single goal after a last minute missed penalty.

Nerja almost ready for Chanquete World music - 14th Sep 2017

The final stages of preparation are underway for Nerja's second Chanquete World music concert which will kick off at just after 4pm on Saturday afternoon. The event is taking place on Playazo beach on the western side of the municipality with a number of singers, groups and DJ's performing including Miguel Campello, Orishas and Carlos Jean. Tickets are still available for purchase from the official website but act fast as numbers are limited.

Maro's Carrera Urbana as popular as ever - 12th Sep 2017

Maro held it's annual collection of road races on the weekend as part of its feria celebrations. The Carrera Urbana de Maro, an athletics meet which is now in its thirty third year making it one of the oldest in the area, attracted almost 150 participants for its various categories. Races began at 7pm around the street circuit with Carlos Salcedo jr winning the overall men's category and Jacqueline Perrin the women's.

Huge turnout expected for Narixa club cycle event - 8th Sep 2017

Nerja's Narixa cycle club is expecting a large number of participants this weekend in it's Climb to Los Castillejos event which will set off from Plaza de España at 10am. The race leaves Nerja in the direction of La Herradura and takes a northern turn into the hills of the natural park before descending back to the centre of the town for the finish, also in Plaza de España. The race which is now in its third year, has proven to be extremely popular with cyclists from Nerja and the wider area forcing the organizers to limit numbers to 400 riders.

Art exhibition opens this Friday - 6th Sep 2017

The Malaga artist José Antonio Díaz Barberán will open Nerja's latest exhibition on Friday with a selection of his hyperrealist paintings in a collection he has called 'El triunfo del Bodegón'. The artist, known simply as Barberán, has exhibited all over the world since the early 80's with thirty three exhibitions to date in cities such as New York, London and Madrid gaining ever more recognition along the way. His exhibition will remain open in the Calle Cristo exhibition hall until the 24th of September with morning viewings from 11am until 2pm and evening viewings from 6pm until 10pm.

Sewage plant delays reach parliament - 4th Sep 2017

Following months of delays on Nerja's long awaited sewage treatment plant the issue has now reached the ears of the national parliament in Madrid with prominent PSOE politician Miguel Ángel Heredia raising the issue. He announced his intention to register a new initiative demanding that the government takes steps for work to start by October at the latest calling it an insult that the residents of Nerja have seen four months of delays with seemingly no interest from national government.

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