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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Councillor announces summer volleyball tournament - 27th Jul 2017

This week details have been released for the annual Burriana beach volleyball tournament. Councillor Cristina Fernández presented this years tournament poster featuring Ángela Lobato, Spanish national volleyball team member and Nerja resident, for the competition which will take place on the 6th August. The tournament includes a number of age categories for young children all the way up to seniors and will begin at 10am with participants signing up between 9 and 9:30am. For more information call 687-827-506.

Cangrejos summer activities begin today - 25th Jul 2017

The Plaza de los Cangrejos summer activities begin today with concerts, shows and film screenings planned for almost every day of the week up until the 3rd of September. Tuesdays are generally reserved for Jazz concerts, Thursdays for cinema, Fridays for performances by the local dance schools, Saturdays for choirs and Sundays for open air dancing. All the activities will start at 10pm apart from the family party on the 30th of August which will begin at 9pm. You can get the program of events from the town hall website here.

Guardia Civil warns against poisonous bracelets - 24th Jul 2017

Via its Twitter account the Guardia Civil has warned residents and tourists against the purchase of some types of hippie style bracelets commonly available at street markets and from roaming vendors in the towns. The bracelets in question are made of a variety of seed which is red in colour typically with a darkened or black spot. The seeds are highly toxic with hallucinogenic properties which in extreme cases have proven to be lethal. The authorities have requested that the public report any products that they feel to be suspicious to the police or Guardia Civil.

Foodtrucks Xperience comes to town - 19th Jul 2017

This weekend the Foodtrucks Xperience will be in Plaza de España from Friday night bringing dishes from around the globe to Nerja. The 10 mobile kitchens set up in trucks, lorries and vans not only bring food, drinks and cocktails but also live music and a children's play area making it a suitable evening out for the whole family. The Foodtruck Xperience will be in Nerja on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening with kitchens opening at 7pm and closing at just after midnight.

Vuelta España set to pass through Nerja - 17th Jul 2017

At the closing of next month the 72nd edition of the Vuelta España, one of the three biggest cycle races of the year, will pass through Nerja as part of its 12th stage. The 161km stage will begin in Motril on Thursday 31st and make its way along the coast passing through Maro, Nerja, Torrox and Málaga before taking a turn northwards to finish in Antequera, after a 860m climb. The race itself begins on the 19th August in the French town of Nimes and will cover a total distance of 3,298km before finishing in Madrid on the 10th of September.

Guardia Civil recommends checking your change - 13th Jul 2017

In recent days the Guardia Civil has begun warning people of the number of foreign coins in circulation. At first glance various coins from Thailand, Jamaica, South America and even the old Franc have a similar appearance to the one and two euro coins and are easily mistaken. The authorities warn that local businesses are the main victims of the problem and that the Bank of Spain is unable to remove the coins from circulation as it does with illegal forgeries.

Health care plans provoke petition - 11th Jul 2017

Changes in the municipality's emergency health care arrangements expected to come into effect from October have caused controversy in recent days leading members of clinical staff to collect signatures opposing the changes. The majority of the adjustments causing concern are centred around emergency care, primarily the closure of the medical centres accident and emergency unit from 8am until 3pm each day with those needing medical attention either seeking it from their usual doctor or travelling to the hospital in Torre del Mar. This comes as part of a collection of cut backs which will also see the number of ambulances available at night reduced from two to one. Medical staff in Nerja and the wider region have highlighted the effect that this will have on patient care and begun a campaign to oppose the cuts.

Local artist opens new exhibition - 10th Jul 2017

José Luis Martín García opened an exhibition of his paintings and ceramics on Friday in a collection he's called "Torsiones y Formas" (Twistings and Shapes). Many of the new pieces in the collection are based on the female form presented in an abstract style with older pieces following varying themes mixed in, displaying the artists journey through his stages of development. The exhibition will remain open in the Sala Mercado until July 23rd with both morning and evening viewings.

Bankruptcy for sewage plant constructor - 6th Jul 2017

The constructor of Nerja's first water treatment plant, Isolux-Corsán-Corviam, has declared bankruptcy with debts amounting to €1.6 billion. The Madrid based firm which started work on the long overdue treatment plant in January 2014 is now in the hands of its principal shareholders, Santander, Bankia and Caixabank leaving the 75% completed project in limbo. The Nerja council has requested an urgent meeting with representatives from the national government to discuss how best to proceed given the concerning developments.

Air ambulance called to A7 accident - 4th Jul 2017

Yesterday morning the air ambulance had to be called to an incident on the A7 motorway in Torrox when a lorry collided with an ambulance on an emergency call. Three people were hurt in the incident, one of them seriously, which left the ambulance completely destroyed and requiring the fire service to cut out the parties onboard. The reasons for the collision remain unclear however the incident left all three lanes of the motorway closed for almost three hours.

Biblioplayas season begins - 3rd Jul 2017

Nerja's Biblioplaya kiosks are now open for the summer season offering books for beach goers to read on Burriana, Torrecilla and El Salon beaches. The kiosks, which are now in the fifteenth year, act as libraries with books in a variety of languages besides Spanish thanks to the large numbers of books donated by tourists who participate in the initiative. They'll be in operation until the end of August opening in the mornings from 11am until 2pm and afternoons from 5pm until 8pm.

Jelly fish information campaign launched - 30th Jun 2017

The regional council of Malaga along with the Aula del Mar conservation team have put their summer jelly fish information program into action to keep beach visitors informed in real time concerning the annual influx of jellyfish to the coast. With the new "Infomedusa" smartphone app visitors can get information quickly about the situation on each of the 132 beaches of the province with forecasts, user comments and extra information about the species you might see according to the conditions on that particular day. The campaign also includes pamphlets and posters placed in the most popular areas of the coast with practical tips on how best to treat jelly fish stings.

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