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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Bankruptcy for sewage plant constructor - 6th Jul 2017

The constructor of Nerja's first water treatment plant, Isolux-Corsán-Corviam, has declared bankruptcy with debts amounting to €1.6 billion. The Madrid based firm which started work on the long overdue treatment plant in January 2014 is now in the hands of its principal shareholders, Santander, Bankia and Caixabank leaving the 75% completed project in limbo. The Nerja council has requested an urgent meeting with representatives from the national government to discuss how best to proceed given the concerning developments.

Air ambulance called to A7 accident - 4th Jul 2017

Yesterday morning the air ambulance had to be called to an incident on the A7 motorway in Torrox when a lorry collided with an ambulance on an emergency call. Three people were hurt in the incident, one of them seriously, which left the ambulance completely destroyed and requiring the fire service to cut out the parties onboard. The reasons for the collision remain unclear however the incident left all three lanes of the motorway closed for almost three hours.

Biblioplayas season begins - 3rd Jul 2017

Nerja's Biblioplaya kiosks are now open for the summer season offering books for beach goers to read on Burriana, Torrecilla and El Salon beaches. The kiosks, which are now in the fifteenth year, act as libraries with books in a variety of languages besides Spanish thanks to the large numbers of books donated by tourists who participate in the initiative. They'll be in operation until the end of August opening in the mornings from 11am until 2pm and afternoons from 5pm until 8pm.

Jelly fish information campaign launched - 30th Jun 2017

The regional council of Malaga along with the Aula del Mar conservation team have put their summer jelly fish information program into action to keep beach visitors informed in real time concerning the annual influx of jellyfish to the coast. With the new "Infomedusa" smartphone app visitors can get information quickly about the situation on each of the 132 beaches of the province with forecasts, user comments and extra information about the species you might see according to the conditions on that particular day. The campaign also includes pamphlets and posters placed in the most popular areas of the coast with practical tips on how best to treat jelly fish stings.

Lucky escape for British tourist - 28th Jun 2017

A British woman almost drowned near Carabeo beach today when she got into difficulty approximately 150m from the shore. The incident happened at around 3:30pm when an off duty police officer from Valencia on holiday with his family heard cries for help. The officer together with another visitor, a lifeguard from Torremolinos, swam out to the woman who was semi-conscious and in severe distress after swallowing a large quantity of seawater. With the alarm raised a jet ski was sent to bring the woman to shore where she received medical attention before being transferred to the Comarcal hospital in Torre del Mar.

Summer meteor shower begins - 27th Jun 2017

The June Bootids meteor shower, which is known for its slow meteors, became visible in the night sky in recent days and will continue until the first week of July gradually fading as the week progresses. The shower is the result of the earth crossing a dust trail left by the 7P/Pons-Winnecke comet which passed close to the earth on its 6 year orbit of the sun in 2015. The majority of the meteors show in the sky for one to two seconds with the larger ones lasting up to six.

Puente viejo reopens following repairs - 23rd Jun 2017

The old bridge into Nerja known locally as puente viejo was re-opened this morning following an extended period of closure in order to carry out resurfacing works. The bridge was opened prior to road markings being applied as to be in time for the festival of San Juan which sees many visitors come to Nerja however these finishing touches will be carried out on Wednesday of next week requiring the bridge to be closed once again for a period of the day.

Third fire this month hits local urbanisation - 21st Jun 2017

In the early hours of Tuesday morning the residents of the Almijara urbanisation were once again alerted to a fire in their community, the third in recent days. Local residents strongly suspect that the fires have been deliberately started with pine trees being at the centre of the blazes so far and evidence of deliberate intentions to start fires found nearby. The incidents have been reported to the police who are now investigating the matter with concerns over the proximity of pine trees to properties and the ease with which fire could spread.

Coastal cleaning operation begins - 19th Jun 2017

The president of the organisation for the coastal communities of the Axarquia along with other local officials has announced that this years sea surface cleaning operation has begun. The initiative uses boats to skim rubbish from the waters surface all along the 46km Axarquia coastline from Rincon de la Victoria to Nerja keeping the water in the best condition possible during the peak tourism months. This year the service has been improved with three new boats in addition to the existing eleven which were in operation last year and will continue until the 15th September. In Torrox and Nerja the boats will be active Mondays to Fridays from 11am until 7pm.

Regional council monitors air quality - 15th Jun 2017

The Malaga regional council has taken steps in recent days to monitor the air quality in Nerja and the wider area as part of an initiative which will see samples taken during the next six months. Six static sensor units have been installed in various rural locations throughout the province including El Pinarillo picnic area here in Nerja with another ten mobile units providing extra data. Marina Bravo, councillor for the environment, explained that the data provided by the sensors will go towards developing proposals to protect and enhance some of the most beautiful and popular natural spaces on the coast whilst providing evidence of the impact of tourism on the provinces countryside.

Local man dies in motorway accident - 13th Jun 2017

A Nerja resident died in an accident in the early hours of Monday morning on the motorway between Nerja and Torrox. The individual who was forty six and is currently being identified as M.L.T was hit by a vehicle at twelve fifteen near the 291 kilometre marker. The victim is believed to have fallen from his motorbike on the motorway heading towards Nerja and been hit by the car which was unable to swerve in time to avoid him.

Fernando Dols photographic exhibition opens - 9th Jun 2017

On Wednesday local photographer Fernando Dols opened a new exhibition in the Cultural Centre's exhibition space called "Remembering the past". The collection, which will remain open until the end of July, is primarily made up of images relating to the sea and in particular the open top fishing boats which are typically found in the region. The subject provokes particular nostalgia for the artist with his early years spent fishing with his father and come from a wider collection of over 3,000 images taken in Nerja and other Costa del Sol towns and villages.

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