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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Fire causes residential block evacuation - 19th Dec 2016

A residential block in the centre of Nerja was evacuated on Saturday morning as smoke rose through the building from a fire located on the ground floor. Some 30 residents were left watching as the fire service, accompanied by officers of the Guardia Civil and local police, tackled the fire which was caused by the careless use of an electric heater. A man of 65 and woman of 34 were taken to the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquia to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Urban mile road race sets off this Saturday - 15th Dec 2016

The thirty second edition of Nerja's annual Christmas road race will be taking place this Saturday with the athletes gathering at 4pm on the Balcón de Europa. The race, which will cover a distance of 1,609m, has been organised by the local athletics club and will be split up into various age categories (some with lesser distances) with races starting from 4:30pm. This is no typical athletics event though as the club will be offering a €100 cash prize for anybody who beats a current best category time as well as Christmas hams for the winners of individual races.

Junta offers help to upgrade greenhouses - 13th Dec 2016

The department for agriculture, fishing and rural development of the Junta de Andalucia has announced plans to provide financial assistance to farmers and growers who use greenhouses to more efficiently grow crops. The funds are destined to improve performance and sustainability and could potentially be as much as 50% of the amount required with an upper limit of €200,000. Applicants have until the 9th January to present the necessary paperwork with extra help available to young farmers.

Fireball lights up the night sky - 12th Dec 2016

In the late hours of yesterday evening a fragment of a comet lit up the night sky as it disintegrated in the earth's atmosphere. The fragment passed over the province of Málaga heading inland towards Jaén at around 10:30pm with an estimated initial speed of 130,000 km/h according to José María Madiedo, astrophysicist at the university of Huelva. The fragment was seen and heard all over the region with many reports of a roar accompanying the spectacle as it passed over Granada. This is the second such occurrence in the region in recent months after another fireball crossed the night sky on the 29th August.

Business owners show concern over sewage plant delays - 8th Dec 2016

The owners of Nerja businesses have voiced their distress at the ongoing delays in the completion of the sewage water treatment plant currently under construction on the old N340 between Nerja and Maro. Work has been paralysed over the last six months on the project which should have been completed and operating ready for summer 2016. With the town hall and ministry for the environment seemingly blaming each other for the delay, local business associations have sent a letter to the mayoress Rosa Arrabal, showing their support for any measure that will resolve the issue to break the current deadlock.

Residents hold protest at El Salvador church - 6th Dec 2016

Parishioners came together at the doors of El Salvador church last Sunday to demand that the diocese step up the process to assign a new priest to the municipality. Both Nerja and Maro have been without a priest since the previous holder of the position Andrés Pérez, left in September of last year to take up a new role in Málaga. Due to the ongoing delay various religious services have had to be suspended and with Christmas approaching further cuts have left Nerja and Maro with only basic Sunday morning services.

Indoor market opens this Sunday - 2nd Dec 2016

From 11am on Sunday morning an indoor ecological produce market will open in the Sala Mercado in Plaza de la Ermita. The market is the result of collaboration between the councillors for business and the environment and the Ecovalia association aiming to promote healthier products which are kinder on the environment. The market will include 15 stalls from which a variety of products can be bought including fresh fruit, vegetables, wines, cheeses, coffees and cosmetics all of which have been produced from within a 100km radius of the town.

Lucía Muñoz presents her new exhibition - 30th Nov 2016

Local photographer Lucía Muñoz Arrabal will be opening a new exhibition of images on Thursday at 8:30pm in the Nerja cultural centre. In her first exhibition she plans to present a varied collection of photographs from those taken here in Nerja to others from her various travels following themes such as light and shade, intimate moments and the tranquillity and explosiveness of nature. The exhibition will remain open until the 27th January.

Police install cameras at traffic black spots - 28th Nov 2016

Local officials have announced that the police are planning to install CCTV cameras in well known traffic black spots in an effort to improve response times when accidents occur. The roundabout at Nerja's bus stops has been identified along with one end of Calle Granada as two such points under consideration for the camera installation with more potentially to follow. The proposal comes in addition to an already outstanding request for cameras to be installed in various public spaces in the town, including the social services centre and indoor sports hall.

Classical music comes to the cultural centre - 24th Nov 2016

Tomorrow evening the Ramirez brothers will offer a classical music concert in the cultural centre from 9pm. The brothers, Pedro and José Manuel who are both currently professors at music schools in the region will give a performance on their respective instruments, classical guitar and flute. Entrance tickets cost €10 and are available from the centres ticket office.

Police warn of latest burglar tactics - 22nd Nov 2016

The local police have been warning residents in recent days of a new tactic being used by burglars in the area. It appears that criminals operating in Nerja and neighbouring municipalities have been inserting pieces of paper or cardboard between doors and door frames in order to ascertain as to whether a potential target property is currently inhabited. Obviously, if the cardboard is on the floor or missing the criminals run the risk of being caught by the owner so police are requesting that should you find anything of this nature in the doors of your property, to inform them as soon as possible.

Cultural centre presents "Mi Ser" by Manuel Alcaide - 18th Nov 2016

This evening at 9pm the Flamenco dancer Manuel Alcaide will perform his show “Mi Ser” at the Nerja cultural centre. The performer, who began his Flamenco journey in Marbella leading him to theatre's all over the world has described the show as a pure and traditional display accompanied by guitar and voice. Tickets cost €10 and are available form the centres office.

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