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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Tiger mosquito found in Nerja - 29th Jun 2016

Investigators from the animal pathology faculty of the university of Zaragoza in collaboration with various investigatory institutions have confirmed that the tiger mosquito commonly found in south east Asia has been discovered in large parts of the Costa del Sol, including Nerja. The mosquito which is smaller and more aggressive than the more common varieties has been linked with the spread of some illnesses and inflicts a more painful and persistent bite. Aside from taking the usual precautions against mosquitoes residents and visitors should remove any stagnant water that may have collected in buckets, pots or bird baths which provides an excellent breading ground.

Ainhoa Arteta opens Caves music festival - 27th Jun 2016

Last Friday the fifty seventh Nerja Caves music and dance festival began with a sold out performance by soprano Ainhoa Arteta. The concert which is the first of five to be held in the caverns also included singers Paco Rabal and Rafael Alberti and was described as unforgettable by attendees. The next performance in the caves will be by the Jorge Pardo Quartet on Saturday 2nd July at 10pm.

Artists unite for joint exhibition - 23rd Jun 2016

A new art exhibition opened in Nerja today at the Calle Cristo municipal hall near the Balcón de Europa. The exhibition, which includes works by the three local artists Pedro Zayas, Neringa Jure and Tadas Juras, is a collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs which all explore various aspects of life in Andalucia. Each artist has taken their inspiration from different aspects of the region whether that be the tranquillity of rural life, the textures of common materials or the picture postcard villages associated with the area. The exhibition will be open until the 9th July both mornings and evenings.

Weekend meditation at the Nerja Caves - 21st Jun 2016

This Saturday the Foro ACCE organisation will once again hold an outdoor guided meditation class in the gardens of the Nerja Caves complex. The class, which is open to all those who wish to take part, will begin at 18:30 and will be followed by an alternative jam session to welcome the summer season. The organisers recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing and taking something to eat and drink.

Vicious attack leads to prison sentence - 17th Jun 2016

Two individuals involved in the assault of a local police officer in Nerja in 2011 received prison sentences today at a hearing in the Málaga provincial court. The two men, who are father and son, received sentences of seven months and four years respectively due to a routine traffic infringement which escalated into a vicious attack by the younger man. The victim, who suffered a broken nose and required twelve stitches received just over €6,000 in damages from the pair whose appeal against the sentence was rejected.

Authorities take action on latest illegal campsite - 15th Jun 2016

La Caleta beach in Maro was the scene for the latest operation against illegal camping with local police taking action earlier this week. The operation culminated in a total of seven separate offences being recorded related to illegal camping and animal welfare. This was a relatively small campsite in comparison to an operation last month where a site of some 30 individuals was discovered leading to the removal of some 500 kilos of rubbish.

Walker rescued from Natural Park - 13th Jun 2016

Nerja's emergency services were once again called upon last weekend to rescue a walker in the Rio Chillar area of the nearby natural park. The hiker suffered a fall early on Saturday morning whilst traversing the popular route known locally as "Los Cahorros", doing damage to one of his legs leaving him unable to return to the town without assistance. The local mountain rescue service, aided by the fire brigade and volunteers from the Civil Protection service evacuated the 50 year old man who was checked over by local medical officials before receiving further treatment at the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquia in Torre del Mar.

High temperatures ahead - 10th Jun 2016

The AEMET meteorological agency has issued a yellow temperature alert for the coming days with warm inland air coming south to the coastal regions provoking unseasonally high temperatures of up 37 degrees. The warm winds know locally as a "terral" will continue until the early morning subsiding over the rest of the weekend but expected to return for the first half of next week. By Thursday the temperatures are expected to slowly decrease resting at a more comfortable 30 - 32 degrees.

Photographic exhibition opens today - 8th Jun 2016

A new photographic exhibition of images from this years Villa de Nerja photographic competition will be inaugurated this evening in the Cultural Centre in Calle Granada. The exhibition, which is comprised of the final selection still in the running for the win, was drawn from some 200 entrants into this years competition now in its third edition. The collection includes images of Nerjas fiestas, beaches and pretty corners and will remain open to the public until the 29th July with the winner being announced at the opening ceremony.

Annual barbecue ban comes into effect - 3rd Jun 2016

Restrictions to prevent wild fires came into effect across Andalusia this week as part of an annual program which has lead to significant reductions in wildfire numbers since its adoption. Barbecues and fires of any sort are now prohibited in forests and scrub areas with even the use of motor vehicles in such areas disallowed by the authorities meaning that vehicles can no longer be used to reach the El Pinarillo picnic area in the nearby natural park. The restrictions will remain in place until 15th October with any exceptions requiring the explicit consent of the authorities.

Water treatment plant delays - 1st Jun 2016

Nerja will spend yet another summer without a functioning water treatment plant according to town hall sources. The plant which was expected to enter a testing period at the beginning of the year and be fully functional in time for the summer months has been plagued by a series of delays ranging from issues with local water collectors, intermediary pumping stations and miscalculations in the planning stages. Councillor José Maria Rivas has urged the construction company to do whatever is necessary to speed up the process amongst concerns over the company's financial situation following alarming media reports.

Nerja Caves receives certificate of excellence - 30th May 2016

It was announced today that for the third consecutive year the Nerja Caves has received's certificate of excellence. The award, which is based on the opinions and reviews of visitors, was warmly received by Miguel Briones, president of the Nerja Caves foundation while Heather Leisman, marketing vice president, remarked on the importance of the award for generating confidence in potential visitors when it comes to reserving entrance tickets.

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