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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

New photo exhibition opens in Nerja Museum - 2nd Aug 2016

This Thursday a new photographic exhibition will open in the Nerja Museum exhibition hall of subterranean images taken in the region over the last 20 years. The collection which is entitled "Subterranean Andalucia brought to light" includes 120 images from a wider collection of 4,000 taken in over 60 caves in the region. The photographer Paco Hoyos commented that his images brought this unique natural environment which few people get to see to the wider public. The exhibition will remain open until the 2nd October.

Fire engine overturns on emergency call - 1st Aug 2016

Last Friday three of Nerja's firemen were injured when the fire engine they were travelling in overturned on a roundabout between Nerja and Maro. The firemen were heading towards the motorway responding to an emergency call when the incident happened which lead to all three of the vehicles occupants being taken to the Axarquia regional hospital in Velez-Málaga. The fire service later confirmed that there were no serious injuries to anybody in the group with only cuts, bruises and contusions requiring treatment.

Delta Aquarid meteor shower intensifies - 29th Jul 2016

Over the next couple of days the meteor shower of fragments from the 96P Machholz comet is set to intensify. The shower which began on the 12th July will continue until the end of August however the next few days will provide the greatest spectacle with some 15 to 20 fragments expected to burn up in the atmosphere each hour. If you're interested in seeing the cosmic light show the optimum time will be on Saturday morning at 2am.

Utility revision scams on the increase - 27th Jul 2016

Residents of the municipality are being alerted to an increase in the number of false utility inspections being reported recently. The scam involves one or more individuals, typically dressed as employees of either the water, electricity or gas company arriving unexpectedly to make an inspection of your utility installation for safety purposes. Frequently these inspections are totally unnecessary and have nothing to do with the company that supplies you. The authorities are advising elderly residents in particular that should they receive an unexpected visit to first ask for identification which should be authorised by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo) and to contact their supplier to check the validity of the inspection.

Police begin new speed control campaign - 25th Jul 2016

A spokesperson for Nerja's local police force announced today that officers will be placing a greater emphasis on speed limits in the municipality during the next two weeks as part of a summer season speeding campaign. At random times of the day officers will be monitoring sections of road where speeding is a common problem, particularly at points where pedestrians and cyclist are at greater risk. The authorities are asking road users to respect the limits put in place throughout the municipality for the safety of both residents and visitors at this busy time of year.

New medical equipment for sporting installations - 21st Jul 2016

A council spokesperson announced yesterday that the town hall has completed the installation of defibrillators in the principal sporting facilities of the municipality. The Enrique López Cuenca athletics stadium, indoor swimming pool and polideportivo complex are all now equipped with the machines which deliver electric shocks to the chest area in moments of severe cardiac difficulties. The installations were carried out to bring the facilities into line with national public safety regulations.

Suspicious backpack leads to Balcón closure - 19th Jul 2016

A security alert caused the closure of the Balcón de Europa earlier today when a backpack was found tied to a bench and apparently abandoned. The authorities quickly evacuated the area ready for explosives experts from Málaga to arrive and inspect the bag but not before considerable alarm had spread through residents and visitors who were in the the area at the time. The bag later proved to pose no threat whatsoever, belonging to a South Korean tourist who had left it there whilst going to get lunch.

Swimmer rescued in rough seas - 18th Jul 2016

Nerja's life guard service had to take action on Saturday when a foreign tourist found themselves in difficulty whilst swimming under red flag conditions. The flag was in effect due to strong easterly winds which effected the majority of beaches along the Costa del Sol and also led to the cancellation of the water bound section of the Virgen del Carmen procession which was expected to take place later on Saturday evening. The swift intervention of the lifeguard service prevented the swimmer from being pushed onto the rocks and almost certain injury.

Blood donation service set to visit Nerja - 15th Jul 2016

The regional blood donation service will be coming to Nerja on the 22nd of July and requests that as many residents as possible participate in the latest campaign to increase available blood supplies. The collection will take place at the church of El Salvador from 10am until 2pm and from 5:30pm until 9:30pm.

National ballet pull out of dance festival performance - 14th Jul 2016

In a change to the program of this years Nerja Caves music and dance festival it was announced today that the flamenco dance company of Susana Lupiáñez would replace the Spanish National Ballet in this Saturdays open air performance in Plaza de España. The change comes due to circumstances beyond the control of the Caves foundation which organises the annual event but does mean that residents and visitors can see the company's latest production "Mudanza" which was recently premiered last month at the Madrid Flamenco Festival. The production includes a number of invited artists and will begin from 11pm on Saturday evening.

Fireball over the Costa del Sol - 11th Jul 2016

The Costa del Sol was the stage for something of a cosmic light show last night will a bright fireball crossing the night sky at around 11pm. The spectacle was the result of a fragment of comet hitting the earth's atmosphere at a speed of approximately 95,000km/h. Despite the fact that the fireball was only visible for a short period of time it was widely reported on social media.

Sports facilities begin peak season hours - 8th Jul 2016

During July and August Nerja's sporting installations will change to different opening times to meet demand. The Enrique López Cuenca stadium on the other side of the N-340 to the Nerja Club Hotel will be open from 9am until 1pm and again from 6:30pm until 10:30pm, Monday to Saturday. The indoor sports centre which overlooks the stadium will keep the same morning hours as the stadium but open from 7pm in the evenings until 11pm at night. Finally the polideportivo complex just a short walk from the health centre will be available for use from 9am until 2pm and from 5pm until 11pm. The complex will also open on Sundays albeit one hour later.

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