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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Scuba club gears up for environmental clean-up - 17th May 2016

Once again Buceo Costa Nerja has teamed up with the local council to organise another sea bed and coastal clean-up. This Sunday anybody motivated to keep the local environment in top condition can join the event either under water, by Kayak or on foot scouring the beaches and rocks for plastic bottles, plastic bags and anything else that shouldn't be there. Those interested in joining in can register by sending an email to or by calling 952528610.

Roadworks underway throughout the municipality - 16th May 2016

A town hall representative today confirmed that work has already begun in various locations throughout the municipality to modify pavements in key areas of the town. The improvements aim to make getting around Nerja easier for both residents and visitors who suffer from a physical disability which hampers their mobility. Although not all areas which pose a problem can be modified a number of stretches of pavement have been selected to have mini ramps set up or where possible their overall height reduced.

San Isidro procession this weekend - 13th May 2016

Don't forget that this Sunday Nerja will once again celebrate the festival of San Isidro with the usual mass, procession and party at the Nerja caves. Take a look at our page here for me information.

Nerja athletes travel to Ronda - 12th May 2016

This Saturday 29 local athletes will travel to Ronda to take part in the gruelling Legión de Ronda 101km challenge in which entrants have 24 hours to cover the 101km distance in one of various categories. The event which is now in its 19th year has grown in popularity on each edition with places for the individual foot race category being snapped up just 42 seconds after they became available to the public. The 23 men and 6 women met today at the Enrique López Cuenca stadium to finalise the weekends arrangements and to take part in a group photo for local newspapers.

Man arrested for public indecency - 10th May 2016

Nerja's local police reported today that over the weekend they arrested an individual near the centre of the town for public indecency and attacking a police officer. On Sunday the police received a report of an individual in the town centre walking around naked from the waist down. This followed earlier sightings on Saturday when the individual had managed to evade the authorities on several occasions. When approached and asked to provide identification the man attacked one of the officers requiring a second to step in to immobilize the suspect who was later given a medical inspection and then charged.

Illegal settlements dismantled - 6th May 2016

Officers from the Guardia Civil and local police were dispatched on Wednesday in an operation to remove some 30 or so individuals from illegal settlements in the Caleta de Maro area of the municipality. This is not the first operation of its kind to have taken place in Nerja in recent years however it is one of the largest with a total of 500 kilos of rubbish being removed from the beach by the municipal cleaning services. Two boats were required as part of the operation thanks to the difficulty of access to the illegal camp with much of the rubbish being removed by sea.

Nerja prepares for this years Nerja Caves festival - 4th May 2016

Tomorrow the gardens at the Nerja Caves complex will once again host the official presentation of this years Nerja Caves music and dance festival, now in its fifty seventh edition. The occasion will be attended by various local and regional officials as well as some of the musicians who will be taking part and open the sales window for tickets to the performances in the caves themselves. This years festival will begin on the 24th of June with the opening performance by soprano Ainhoa Arteta and will continue until the 15th of July. Tickets are available from the Caves Foundation website.

Papagayo to be demolished - 3rd May 2016

A town hall representative today announced that the Papagayo beach bar on La Calahonda beach is to be removed following the issuing of a demolition order to proprietors. The chiringuito located on one of the beaches overlooked by the Balcón de Europa has given rise to a number of complaints in recent years, prompting the order to demolish and clean up the surrounding area. Thanks to the extended view along the coast from the Balcon, La Calahonda beach is without doubt one of the municipality's most photographed areas. It's hoped that the removal of the chiringuito will further improve upon the beauty of the area leaving visitors with a better image of Nerja and the eastern Costa del Sol.

Thursday night Tango - 28th Apr 2016

In the Nerja cultural centre this evening Lastra productions will perform their latest show "Entre Tangos" from 9pm. The show, which comes as part of a wider season of tango in the centre, aims to take the audience on a journey starting in 1930's Buenos Aires, passing through the South American Belle Epoque, the Paris cabaret and finishing up with modern day tango styles. If you'd like to see the show, be sure to pass by the cultural centre's box office a few hours prior to get your ticket.

New vehicle for municipal cleaners - 21st Apr 2016

The towns municipal cleaning service got a boost today with the delivery of new equipment to assist them in the day to day cleaning of the municipality's streets. A new high pressure water cleaning unit was delivered which includes a range of differing functionalities and importantly a significant reduction in noise compared to previous models. The machine has been installed into a new van supplied by Carrocerías Hermont which has also been painted in the new colour scheme for municipal vehicles making it easily visible during both day time and night time.

New exhibition by Rosario Nevado - 19th Apr 2016

"Vintura" is the name of the latest exhibition to open in Nerja which will be inaugurated this evening in the Sala Municipal at 8pm. Rosario Nevado has spent the majority of her years living in either Nerja or Granada and is presenting a journey through all her years as an artist, showcasing her changes in style, technique and themes with pieces painted in oils, watercolours and acrylics on display until the 10th of May. You can visit the exhibition both mornings and evenings from 11am until 2pm and from 5:30pm until 9:30pm.

Regional coastal cleaning plans announced - 18th Apr 2016

The local authorities have announced that a fleet of eleven boats will be active this summer cleaning the surface of the sea along the Axarquia coastline. A representative of the body which represents the various municipalities of the eastern Costa del Sol explained that a budget of €354,249 had already been agreed upon and the bidding period opened for interested parties. The boats will patrol the coastline from Rincón de la Victoria up to Nerja during the summer months picking up all types of rubbish found on the waters surface.

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