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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Fiber optic rollout continues - 12th Oct 2016

Axartel communications are continuing the installation of fiber optic internet in Nerja with work being carried out in Calles Granada and Pintada as well as Plaza de España in recent days. The installation will greatly increase internet speeds in the main streets of the town as well as some of the surrounding smaller streets and allow for high definition television to be delivered via internet. The company estimates that the maximum achievable speed will be in the region of 120Mbps.

Municipal animal service extended to cover neighbours - 7th Oct 2016

It was announced yesterday that a new contract had been signed between Nerja and Parque Zoosanitario Don Animal to provide the municipality with a dedicated service to collect, care for and re-home stray and abandoned animals. The agreement comes as part of a wider initiative which will see all 31 municipalities of the Axarquia region covered by the service which for Nerja will cost approximately €150,000 annually. Parque Zoosanitario Don Animal is based in Rincón de la Victoria and was founded in 1980. If you're interested in adopting a homeless animal take a look at their website for more information.

La Caixa donates to families in need - 5th Oct 2016

Representatives of the La Caixa foundation today donated 120 school material packages to be distributed amongst low income families in the municipality. It comes as part of a wider campaign carried out by the foundation which will end with the donation of some five thousand such packages made up of exercise books, writing materials and other related objects. In a meeting in the main town hall building both the mayoress Rosa Arrabal Téllez and councillor for social services Cristina Fernández Pinto thanked the foundation representatives for the donation and the continuing work they do in this and many other communities.

Regional basketball match this Saturday - 4th Oct 2016

This weekend Nerja's newly formed basketball team will be in action for its first ever home game. The "Clínicas Rincón Nerja Baloncesto" team, which won its first division league debut match in Cordoba last weekend will be playing next Saturday in the indoor basketball court behind the Enrique López Cuenca sports stadium. If you'd like to go along and watch the match against the Smurrfit Kappa Bball team from Cordoba the game will begin at 6pm.

Nerja resident completes gruelling Mont Blanc ultra trail - 29th Sep 2016

Local athlete Jorge Rodriquez completed the prestigious Mont Blanc ultra trail race last month finishing in 1395 place out of a total of 2,500 participants. The 35 year old runner who has participated in a number of extreme long distance events was selected along with 13 other Málaga athletes to compete in the famous race which covers a distance of 170 km in a single stage with a time limit of 46 hours. Unsurprisingly with such an incredible test of endurance many of the starters failed to finish with the drop out rate coming to 42% however Jorge made it to the end in a time of 45 hours and 57 seconds.

Rio Chillar cleaning expedition - 27th Sep 2016

Last weekends Rio Chillar cleaning expedition proved tremendously successful once again with more than 400kg of litter being collected. Some 70 volunteers took part in the expedition which is now in its sixth year clearing two popular hiking routes of rubbish. All ages took part in the exercise too with the youngest participant of just 5 years old working alongside the oldest of 70.

Carlos Ariza opens a new exhibition today - 23rd Sep 2016

Local Vélez-Málaga artist Carlos Ariza opened an exhibition of his latest works today in the Calle Cristo municipal hall. The exhibition which is entitled "Vida" is made up primarily of landscapes of the Axarquia region painted in a precise and detailed style by a painter who has dedicated much of his work to capturing the spirit of his rural surroundings. The collection will be open for public viewing every day until the 6th October from 11am until 2pm and again from 6pm until 10pm.

Feria preparations begin - 22nd Sep 2016

As the end of September draws nearer so too does the Nerja Feria with the initial preparations on display on Saturday night with the towns patron saints being taken in procession through the streets of Nerja. The low key procession will leave the church at around 9pm and make its way to La Ermita to collect the Virgin of Anguish before returning to the Balcón de Europa. As always the procession will include music from the municipal band and the band of Saint Michael Archangel.

Nerja begins a new environmental campaign - 19th Sep 2016

Councillor Jorge Bravo Gallardo has announced a new environmental campaign to be launched in the coming days which aims to draw the public's attention to the simple ways they can help to keep Nerja clean. The "Clean Nerja is in your hands" campaign focuses on three simple aspects, the use of public litter bins, the collection of animal waste by pet owners and the correct recycling of appropriate materials. The announcement comes just before a new phase of pest control and disinfection in Calles Pintada, Antonio Millón and El Barrio amongst others which is part of a wider series of measures which have been in effect over the summer months.

Post summer river clean-up looks for volunteers - 16th Sep 2016

After another busy summer Nerja's annual river cleaning expedition has once again been organised, this year taking place on the 25th September. The excursion, which is now in it's sixth edition, aims to clear the banks of the Río Chillar and its tributaries of rubbish left behind by visitors in an area of ever increasing popularity. As in previous years there are two routes which volunteers can choose to take part in with differing degrees of difficulty. If you're interested in taking part you can get more information in the main town hall building, tourist office, cultural centre and civil protection office.

Weekend rescue on El Cañuelo beach - 14th Sep 2016

A hiker was rescued on Sunday after falling from the cliffs overlooking El Cañuelo beach between Maro and La Herradura. The emergency services received various calls at approximately 2pm on Sunday afternoon reporting that a walker, who had been hiking as part of a group, had fallen from the cliffs. Fortunately, the individual had only fallen approximately 10 meters but had still suffered a number of injuries including multiple fractures. The local police, Gurardia Civil and civil protection service all attended at the seen with the injured walker later being evacuated by helicopter for further medical treatment.

Nerja athletes dominate in weekend sporting events - 12th Sep 2016

Last weekend proved to be a highly successful one for local athletes with two Regional titles being awarded to members of Nerja's sporting clubs. Long distance runner Abdelhadi el Mouaziz took the Andalucian half marathon championship in Fuengirola completing the distance a little over one hour and seven seconds while Jesús Narváez was crowned Andalucian Triathlon champion in an event in Mojácar completing the weekends event in one hour forty minutes. The success didn't end there though with local junior triathlete Nicolás Bobadilla coming third in an event in Granada setting him up nicely for a top spot in the overall competition ranking.

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