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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Chess minds meet in feria chess tournament - 7th Oct 2015

In another first for the coming Nerja Feria, the Balcón de Europa chess club will be staging its first Feria Chess tournament on Saturday from 10am in Plaza de España. Contenders will be split into two categories, those below 12 years of age and those above with inscriptions welcome until Friday afternoon in the town halls sports office. Anybody interested is welcome to take part with first, second and third places all receiving trophies!

Graffiti removed from river banks - 6th Oct 2015

Following on from the river cleaning excursion which proved such a success a couple of weeks ago the municipal cleaning and civil protection services today tackled graffiti on the rocks and tree trunks along the Rio Chillars banks. Representatives used high pressure water jets to gradually remove the paint taking particular care on the trees which in some cases have already suffered negative effects due to the chemical composition of the paints used. This is the final task to be undertaken in this years river clean up which sadly becomes more necessary with each passing year due to the ever increasing popularity of the river during the summer months.

New vehicles for Civil Guard - 5th Oct 2015

This morning Nerja's local police chief delivered two motorbikes to representatives of the civil protection service for use in their daily duties. Up until now the service has only had the use of three relatively low powered bikes which though suitable for the town were not sufficient for the tasks that the service regularly carries out in the rural areas of the municipality. The bikes, which were previously used by local police officers have been serviced and returned to peak condition ready for the handover which took place at the entrance to the main town hall building with the mayoress and other local officials taking part.

Fire services battle campo fire - 1st Oct 2015

Eagle eyed residents and visitors may well have spotted yesterday evening smoke rising over the Natural Park on the eastern side of the town. Local emergency services were alerted to a campo fire in the Cabeza del Caballo area of the park with three aerial units, two fire trucks and numerous fire officers being called to the scene. The fire was located in an area not easily accessible and with very little vegetation leading officials to conclude that the fire was likely started by a lightening strike although this has not been verified. By 8pm the fire was judged to be under control with aerial units returning to base leaving fire officers to finish the job and make the area safe.

Padel tournament begins - 30th Sep 2015

This afternoon at 4pm the first Nerja Feria Padel tournament kicked off at the indoor sports hall near the Enrique López Cuenca stadium on the northern edge of the town. The competition which has been organised by the Narixa padel club in conjunction with the town hall sports department will continue until the 3rd with 55 pairs playing in four categories. Saturday will see the finalists battle it out for the bragging rights with free paella for spectators and a bouncy castle for the kids.

Patron saints take to the streets - 28th Sep 2015

In preparation for the coming Nerja feria the patron saints of the municipality, Saint Michael Archangel and the Virgin of Anguish, were once again carried through the streets last Saturday in the traditional low key procession. The statue of Saint Michael left the church of El Salvador near the Balcón de Europa, climbing the hill up to La Ermita de las Angustias in order to collect the Virgin and escort her back to El Salvador. Many residents turned out to see the statues pass by in this intimate event before the return journey of the Virgin on the 10th during the town feria.

59th urban race inscription period opens - 23rd Sep 2015

More than a hundred athletes have already signed up to this years Feria de Nerja urban road race which is now its 59th year. The event, which will take place on the 4th of October beginning and ending on the Balcón de Europa involves various categories with the adults racing over a distance of 10km through the towns streets. The race, organised by the Nerja athletics club in conjunction with the town council, will also include a speed walking event now in its 31st year, following similar routes to those of the earlier races. If you'd like to go and cheer the entrants along events will begin from 10am.

Museum visitor numbers quadruple - 22nd Sep 2015

The summer of 2015 has proved to be by far the best summer on record for the Nerja Museum in terms of visitor numbers with the total number for the period coming to approximately 23,000. The much increased figure is the result of a number of new initiatives introduced this year with the greatest impact coming from the new shuttle "train" service to and from the caves, known as the "Cuevatren". The increased figures for the summer have already had a significant effect on the annual museum visitor figures with last years number of 10,288 already beaten.

Huge success for river cleaning excursion - 21st Sep 2015

The fifth Rio Chillar cleaning excursion organised for last weekend proved once again to be highly effective with a total of 800 kilos of rubbish collected along the banks by the 33 volunteers. In what is now becoming an annual event two groups hiked along the banks in order to clean up the river which is becoming ever more popular during the summer months. Amongst the volunteers were various local councillors as well the mayoress Rosa Arrabal Téllez in an excursion which was not for the feint hearted with the day starting at 8:30am and continuing until 6:30pm.

Exhibition by Rachid Hanbali opens - 18th Sep 2015

A new exhibition of paintings by the Moroccan born artist Rachid Hanbali opened today in the municipal hall in Calle Cristo. The collection entitled "Sunlight and Souks" will be open for viewing until October 8th both mornings and evenings and is primarily comprised of oil paintings of varying subjects. The artist, who has studied at the Art University of Granada and the Tetuán academy of fine art, describes his style as one of modern realism in which he always looks for the spontaneous and dynamic with poetry, emotion and feeling.

Further additions to assist cleaning services - 17th Sep 2015

Councillor José García Beltán announced today that the town council has reassigned approximately €10,000 of funds in order to purchase some 50 extra rubbish containers. The councillor remarked that the change in budgeting was required to keep pace with the needs of the municipality with current facilities falling short of satisfactory targets by more than 50%. The new funds come after an earlier announcement that €365,000 is budgeted for the municipal cleaning services in order to purchase new vehicles including a rubbish collection lorry and mobile pressure washer.

End of season for Nerja life guards - 16th Sep 2015

Yesterday evening marked the end of patrols by the municipality's life guard service on local beaches as announced by councillor José Maria Rivas Gálvez. He remarked on the lack of serious incidents this summer with the massive numbers of jelly fish causing the largest number of issues for the service to deal with. The councillor, who has overall responsibility for the maintenance and safety of the municipality's beaches , once again made clear his intention to expand the service for next summer hoping to lengthen its operational period as well as increase the number of personnel.

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