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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

2015 Council budget set - 18th Aug 2015

Yesterday the 2015 budget for the municipality of Nerja was agreed upon in a council meeting held in the main council chamber in the town hall. The total came to a final figure of just over 24 million euros and is available for public scrutiny for the next 15 days in the main town hall building near the Balcón de Europa.

Illegal traffic signs removed - 17th Aug 2015

New councillor José Garcia Beltrán who has responsibility for traffic related issues in the town has ordered the removal of all signs forbidding the parking of caravans and motor homes throughout the municipality today due to concerns over their legality. He explained that owners of such vehicles now have the same rights as other road users meaning that they are free to leave their vehicles stationary in areas where parking is permitted, as long as they are not deemed to be camping. He went on to say that the bye-law approved by the previous administration was at times in direct violation of national law and was therefore illegal.

Fire in Calle Almirante Carranza - 14th Aug 2015

Summer always brings a high risk of fire to the municipality however today local police had to return to an already extinguished fire on a rural plot near Calle Almirante Carranza over fears that the scorched land may ignite once again. A fire was previously reported and put out on the 13th of August with the local fire service smothering the flames before the situation got out of hand although some 1000m of scrub land was burnt. The police officers were dispatched as a preventative measure with the episode serving to show the seriousness with which fire is regarded during the summer months. The local authorities ask that all residents and visitors maintain a watchful eye during the remainder of summer and behave in a responsibly in areas of particularly high risk.

Foreign residents advised to update driving licenses - 12th Aug 2015

Jorge Bravo, Nerja's councillor for foreign residents, has advised expatriates this week to update their driving licenses to the Spanish equivalent before new laws come into effect in 2016. He explained that this mainly effects foreign residents who hold a valid residency card or green residency certificate and recommended doing it now whilst plenty of time remains before the new year. As of 2016 traffic officers will receive new powers to fine foreign residents who have not updated their licenses with a maximum penalty of a €200 fine.

Volleyball returns to Nerja's beaches - 11th Aug 2015

Burriana beach will once again be the venue for competitive volleyball in Nerja this coming weekend with a competition for local players kicking of from 10am on Saturday morning. Various age groups are to be included with younger players in both male and female categories playing on Saturday and seniors playing throughout the day on Sunday.

Plaza España hosts Carlos Baute concert - 10th Aug 2015

Last Saturday night it would have been difficult to miss the concert given in the centre of town by Venezuelan singer Carlos Baute. The concert was the third in a series of four which are being given in Plaza de España as pat of the 56th Nerja caves festival. The show, which started at 10pm, is part of the singers 2015 tour promoting his new album ‘En el buzón de tu corazón’ and featured new songs as well as past hits. The final concert in the series will take place on the 15th of this month.

Summer white party draws nearer - 7th Aug 2015

Nerja's annual white party, organized by the town councils youth department, is almost upon us with the date confirmed for the 14th August. The venue will once again be El Salón beach just a short distance from the Balcón de Europa with the event beginning (officially at least) at 22:30. Everybody is welcome, the only rule being that you come dressed in white!

Two new exhibitions open in Nerja - 6th Aug 2015

Francine Raguet and Juan Antonio Ortega Montesinos will both be exhibiting their work in the coming weeks in the Sala Mercado and Calle Cristo hall respectively. Juan Antonio Ortega is a self taught local artist who has done much work for local Catholic brotherhoods over recent years, most recently producing the annual poster for the Feria de las Maravillas. Francine Raguet is a French artist who trained in the Monaco school of decorative arts and will be displaying a collection entitled "Earth and Art". Both exhibitions will continue until the final week of August with both morning and evening viewings.

Tutti Frutti summer gig's - 4th Aug 2015

Anybody at a lose end this Friday night might like to drop in on Plaza Tutti Frutti from 10:30 onwards where the group Olivetti will be playing music from the 80's and 90's in what's been labelled "The Remember Party". Fancy dress following the musical theme is actively encouraged!

Nerja goes hi-tech - 3rd Aug 2015

Councillor Jorge Bravo Gallardo has announced today that Nerja is to take part in the "Smart City Costa del Sol" project along with thirteen other municipalities in the region. The initiative aims to encourage the adoption of new technologies in tourist areas and comes with financial support from the EU. As a result the town council will soon be overseeing the installation of four new Wi-Fi zones along with the further adoption of low energy street lighting, intelligent taxi's and SMART parking and tourist office. Nerja town council will contribute 20% of the funding with the remaining 80% coming from the EU.

Council increases lifeguard numbers - 31st Jul 2015

A town hall representative has announced that the current 26 strong lifeguard team which patrol the most popular beaches of the municipality will be increased to 32 members. The move comes after concerns that the team could potentially become overstretched should unforeseen circumstances prevent member(s) from getting to work during the summer months. It was also implied that in coming years the lifeguard team would be further expanded to provide an improved all-round service.

New car park opens for August - 30th Jul 2015

The new 240 space subterranean car park in the Burriana area of the town is set to open tomorrow providing many more spaces in one of the most popular areas of Nerja with visitors. The opening will come just in time for the beginning of August but will also make a significant difference throughout the year, particularly on the weekends. The official opening will take place at 5pm and will bring the total number of subterranean parking spaces in the town up to 1,400.

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