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Nerja News

Welcome to our Nerja news section where you can keep up to date with the main stories that are emerging in Nerja today with our rapid fire news snippets. Please be aware that these pages aren’t a ‘what’s on’ section however if you’d like to be kept up to date with the many concerts and exhibitions that take place in the town and the wider area including Malaga you can follow us on Facebook or circle us on Google+.

Even cookery programs choose Nerja - 20th May 2015

Visiting camera crews have become an increasingly common sight in Nerja over recent years but now it seems that even cookery programs are choosing the town to shoot in. Next month the producer of the Spanish version of Masterchef will begin filming a new cookery competition here in Nerja called "Cocineros al Volante". The programs contestants will travel around Spain in mobile kitchens, preparing food in some of the country's most beautiful locations and is planned to be aired during prime time viewing hours. The production team will consist of some 60 individuals with filming taking place in Plaza de España, the Balcón de Europa and Plaza de los Cangrejos.

Work begins on new Nerja museum - 18th May 2015

Local officials have begun the paperwork for the acquisition of land for Nerja's proposed new municipal museum, described by local councillors as "important for Nerja's culture heritage and tourism offering". The building in question is an old mill located in Calle Ánimas just a short walk from many of Nerja's most popular tourist spots. The museum would be located in a historic building with two floors, an open air terrace and would be known officially as the municipal museum for art and popular traditions. The purchase is expected to cost in the region of €900,000.

Local farmers honoured by Mayor - 16th May 2015

In the closing ceremonies of this years San Isidro parade the mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, took the opportunity to highlight the work of the municipality's many farmers and agricultural workers as part of his speech to mark the returning of San Isidro to the shrine at the Nerja Caves. He remarked that farming still remains a vital pillar in the local economy despite the increase in tourism in recent decades and that the festival of San Isidro was the perfect opportunity for local officials and residents to reflect on the important role it continues to play. The speech coincided with a visit by the president of the regional council of Málaga, Elías Bendodo, the first time the president has taken part in Nerja's San Isidro celebrations.

Cruces de Mayo winners receive prizes - 20th May 2015

In a small ceremony in the main council chamber at the town hall this years winning participants in the Cruces de Mayo competition received their prizes. The overall competition was won by the business community of Calle Pintada but numerous groups and associations received awards according to the various categories they entered their crosses into. As well as handing out prizes the councillor for popular traditions, Sandra Jimena, took the opportunity to thank all those that took part in the annual occasion including the various local choirs that sang on the evening of the display and the brotherhood of Jesús Resucitado that took the lead in organizing the event.

Annual procession for San Isidro draws closer - 11th May 2015

With summer drawing ever closer it's that time of year again for Nerja's annual celebration for San Isidro. This Friday a mass will be held at 11am in the Church of El Salvador on the Balcón de Europa in honour of the much admired saint. Following the mass there will be various performances by choirs and dancers in the doorway of the church before the procession sets off through the streets on it's way to the small chapel found at the Nerja Caves. For more information on the procession and San Isidro in general take a look at our page here.

Vespa rally comes to Nerja - 8th May 2015

Any Vespa enthusiasts will be in for a treat this Thursday with a rally planned by the Axarquia Vespa Club set to take place on the coast. The rally will set off from Torre del Mar at 10:30 am and make its way along a mountainous route passing through Vélez Málaga, Árchez, Cómpeta and Torrox before heading along the coast to Nerja where the collection of scooters will be exhibited on the Balcón de Europa. This is the second time such an event has visited Nerja in recent years, the first proving very popular amongst enthusiasts as well as the general public. The rally will end in the Torres de San Juan restaurant where participants will be awarded prizes for their vehicles according to various categories of the competition.

Local politicians continue to push for leisure port - 6th May 2015

In meetings held over recent days members of the business community and local officials have once again highlighted the importance of the proposed leisure port project to the long term plans for the development of the Playazo beach area of the town. The mayor, José Alberto Armijo and Ángela Díaz, head of the Nerja business association, came together to insist on the clear need for the port which the Junta de Andalucia has maintained in a state of paralysis in recent years. It's hoped that by increasing pressure on the current regional administration the project, which was first proposed nearly 30 years ago, my finally begin to move forwards once again.

Calle Pintada cross wins first prize - 4th May 2015

In this years Cruces de Mayo competition, which was celebrated last Sunday, the cross decorated by the business community of Calle Pintada took first prize with the women's association of Fuente del Baden coming second and the cross of the Peña Nerjenã in third. Councillor Sandra Jimena thanked all those involved in the competition and local residents and visitors for coming out onto the streets and supporting the event.

Local police recover lost money - 1st May 2015

Last Tuesday local police recovered a bag containing almost six thousand euros in cash which was discovered by a British man near to the El Capistrano Supersol supermarket. The officers, who were performing routine traffic control on the nearby roundabout, were approached by the man who explained the situation and handed over the sports bag which contained the money as well as mobile phones and various other objects. The police tracked down the owner, a Dutch man, by using the contact list of a diary which was also found within. Upon presenting himself at the police station the items were returned to their rightful owner who thanked the police as well as the individual who initially discovered his lost property.

Long delayed council project gets new funds - 29th Apr 2015

A town hall representative has announced that new funds have been approved for the completion of what was to be a vocational training centre in the municipality to help unemployed local people into work, a project which was left paralysed last year due to the breakdown of funding agreements between various regional and national bodies. Although the building can now be completed with the €150,000 provided its usage has been changed, meaning it will now provide a base for various local services, such as municipal carpentry, plumbing and electrical departments as well as engineers responsible for the towns roads and associated maintenance. The building will now be known as the Centre for Operational Services.

European students visit Nerja - 28th Apr 2015

Last week the Europe wide Comenius project, which seeks to better educate young people of the range of cultures and languages found in the continent, brought students from all over the union to Nerja. A range of nationalities were present with students from Greece, Poland, Italy and France taking part, enjoying the hospitality of their Spanish hosts who have already travelled to the various countries represented in a Europe wide exchange program. As part of the program various educational activities were organized to display to the visitors the values and customs of the region.

Historical exhibition opens on Monday - 27th Apr 2015

Those interested in Nerja's history may like to take a look at the new exhibition opening next Monday in La Sala Mercado which focuses on the life of Alejandro Bueno Garcia. The local writer, historian and politician died in 1927 while serving as the mayor of the town in the middle of the annual feria and is the focus of a study by José Miguel Ortuño who pieced together much of the former mayors life with photos and documents provided by family members who remain in Nerja. The exhibition will remain open until May 31st both mornings and afternoons.

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